Desert Canyon Properties Listing Home for Sale

Provide us with your address and all upgrades you have done to it since you bought it

We provide free market analysis based on comparables in your area and what it will most likely appraise for

  • You may feel you can get more for your home because of what you have done to it or how it looks, but the appraisal is what buyers will pay for it due to condition of a loan and value
  • You choose final price to list it at, but remember, offers may not come in at full asking price

If your home is vacant, please make sure it is clean (inside and out) and move in ready for a fast 30 day close.

If your home is occupied by you, please make sure it is clean, staged nicely, and people are out of the way when showings happen.

  • Think of how you would want to see a home when you are looking to buy, would you want to go further to look around or envision your belongings in the home? It is best to have your home professional cleaned, carpets cleaned, and landscape done.

You will complete an Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement/Listing Contract

We will then take pictures, put a lockbox on home, and sign in your yard if allowed

From there we will list your home on all Websites, such as Zillow,,, Trulia, Yahoo, Google, Craigslist, MLS, and all other Real Estate websites and searches that will show homes for sale in your city.

We will then wait for an offer and we will discuss next steps from there

-Order Clue Report from insurance company

-Complete Seller Property Disclosure

-You can change the price, pictures, or text anytime, just let me know and I will update it


What to expect from an offer:


Pay Buyers closing costs or a percentage of it

Offer less than asking price

Fix repairs from inspection report

Provide a 1 year home warranty

Pay or split hoa transfer fee and costs, seller typically pays for this

*if you have termites they need to be taken care of


Negotiating an offer:


You can choose to accept, counter, or decline.


If you want to counter, this is where you negotiate what you want, somewhere to meet in the middle.  This is what we are here for

When agreement is made and contact is signed by both parties, the buyer will open up escrow.  They will send a check for earnest deposit and order inspection along with termite inspection.

Buyers have 10 days from contract to do inspection and can walk away with no reasoning and no loss of earnest money within those 10 days. 

They will send over a BINSR (Buyers asking Seller to fix things on inspection)

You decide what to fix and what not to.

The buyer will work on loan documents and their lender will order appraisal.

Appraisal will determine the market value and what a lender will lend.  Some price adjusting may need to be done on the contract price or will need to meet half way or renegotiate

Note: If a buyer is using FHA the appraisal will stay on record for 90 days

When all set with appraisal, buyer will wait for loan to close and fund.  You will then get a check from the title company.

If you are looking for a home…. You will need to be pre-qualified and can make an offer contingent upon your home selling, we can look for a home while your house is in process of selling.




Purchase Contract Example
Seller Disclosure
HOA addendum
Before putting your home up for sale
Reasons to work with a realtor
Seller Agency
Exclusive Right to Sell
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