Buyer Advisory
Reasons to work with a Realtor as a buyer

Agency Disclosure for buyers

Desert Canyon Properties Buyers

Fill out an Agency Disclosure to show you are working with Realtor

Get pre-qualified through your bank or a lender, some options: Guaranteed Rate, VIP Mortgage, Chase Bank, Credit Unions, Etc.

Let us know what you are looking for or you can search on MLS through

To help find your perfect home let us know minimums

1.     What City or Zip Codes? Certain School district?

2.     How many bedrooms?

3.     How many baths?

4.     Minimum square feet

5.     Maximum price?

6.     One story or two? Does it matter?

7.     Garages spaces?

8.     Pool?

9.     Minimum Lot Sq Ft?

10.  Any other preferences, features, or things you are looking for to help narrow your search

After we go out looking at homes and find the one you want to put an offer on, we will pull comparables to look at a good offering price.  We will put in an offer, possibly ask for closing costs (up to you), or anything else you prefer.  You will sign and wait 24-48 hours (we decide on time to respond) for the seller’s decision.

Once negotiating is over and officially both parties have signed the contract you will then start the buying process.

We will call Title Company to arrange for escrow check to be picked up, wiring instructions, or you can drop it off

We will call inspector to schedule, will need: Address, buyer’s name and phone/email and listings agent’s info to gain access

Buyer will pay for inspection

After inspection, complete BINSR – what do you want to ask seller to fix based on report? If termites are found need to ask for that.

Termite inspection to be completed as well

Appraisal is ordered by lender

Continue on working to get all documents to get everything cleared for lender to get your loan

Order home warranty (ask title to) if seller is paying or you are getting during this time

When time for signing, you will go to Title Company or they can have a notary come to you

Then you get access to home after it is recorded and you get to move in

When you get in, make sure everything was completed from BINSR and keep receipts that were sent from seller of what was completed

Rita Weiss
Rita Weiss
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