Randi Weiss
Office Manager at Chandler location
602-653-9075 | Randi@desertcanyonproperties.com

Randi has been a realtor since 2012 and has worked with her mom, Rita Weiss BROKER, from the beginning. She has an unmatched passion and expertise in real estate--buying, selling, renting, investing, and property management. Her clients needs always come first and she goes above and beyond to support her customer's decisions. She is a resident of Chandler, Arizona and knows the market very well. Randi is a full service realtor, which means she can help with all real estate needs. She accepts all business across the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

More About Randi
Randi is a mother and a wife, she has two little ones. Randi and her family recently moved from Maricopa to Chandler and built a home in Layton Lakes.  She loves the Chandler area and all it has to offer.  She's grateful to have made and retain many friendships with her clients and continues to do so.  Randi is originally from Buffalo Grove, Illinois and has been in Arizona for 10+ years.
Randi has a Bachelors Degree in Business, Masters in Business, and Masters in Adult Education and Training. 
Rita & Randi Weiss
Rita & Randi Weiss